About Justy

Healthier with Organic Vegetable Juice

Justy presses organic juice in a traditional way using the Slow Juicer. Our juices consist of at least 85% raw vegetables. With some fruit, spices, herbs, and algae, we add additional flavor and healthy nutrients. All ingredients are 100% organic, seasonal, and mostly sourced from local suppliers. Every day, we lovingly create delicious and, above all, healthy juices from up to 100 different ingredients. In the composition of our vegetable juices and detox programs, we follow the latest nutritional science findings, always ensuring a good combination of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. In this way, we aim to help you maintain your health. We deliver these very tasty and pure vitamin bombs to you in glass bottles. A kind of modern milk shop, but 100% organic, pure, and raw!


Our biggest dream is to raise awareness about the power of healthy food and the functioning of the human body among as many people as possible – from young to old. With our varied and delicious juices, we aim to highlight the value of organic, local, and seasonal foods


The Juice Lab is our pride and joy. It is a specially crafted and fully approved pressing and storage facility in Aalsmeer (NL). The Juice Lab is equipped with one of the world’s best stainless steel Slow Juicers and a high-tech blast freezer. It freezes the vegetable juices in a maximum of 1 hour. Every day, we receive fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers, which we process immediately upon delivery. This ensures the preservation of as many healthy nutrients as possible. Our vegetable juices are slowly juiced and bottled in a refrigerated kitchen. After that, they go straight into the blast freezer, where we store them until delivery. This way, you can enjoy organic juice of the highest quality and freshness.


Our juices are exclusively handcrafted. From washing, weighing, slow juicing, bottling, and labeling to freezing the juices, we do everything by hand. Freezing is a natural preservation method that retains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Preservatives, pasteurization, or HPP treatment are therefore not necessary. You can be confident that you are drinking a pure organic vegetable juice, packed with nutrients and without artificial additives or processes. That’s why our juice tastes as if you pressed it at home yourself, but with the advantage that we take care of all the work, and you only need to thaw the juice.

Nature freaks

At Justy, we are crazy about nature. It’s only fitting, as without nature, there would be no Justy juices. With our vegetable juices, we aim not only to contribute to your health but also to the health of the Earth. That’s why we strive to be as sustainable as possible at Justy. We use seasonal ingredients, collaborate with local farmers, harness solar and wind energy, use recyclable packaging materials, and respect nature.


All ingredients in our vegetable juices, including herbs, spices, and algae, are organic (SKAL, Dutch certification) and often biodynamic (via Demeter) certified. Additionally, all vegetable and fruit pulp left after juicing is used as organic animal feed for a biodynamic farm in the Amsterdamse Bos. This way, goats, pigs, cows, and chickens also get to enjoy healthy food! This system aligns with a circular economy, and at Justy, we strive to adhere to this philosophy as much as possible. The materials we use for processing and packaging the vegetable juices are 100% recyclable


We want you to purchase our vegetable juice in the best possible packaging. For us, this means that the packaging must be fully recyclable and should not release harmful substances. That’s why we have chosen glass bottles as our packaging material. Unlike plastic bottles, glass does not leach contaminants into the juice. Plastic often contains Bisphenol A (BPA), plasticizers, dioxin, vinyl chloride, styrene, and numerous other toxins that can react with the juice. In a glass bottle, the juice is better protected because glass requires no chemical additives or plastic coatings. Additionally, glass is taste-neutral and impermeable to bacteria. This helps our vegetable juices stay fresh longer, preserving nutrients more effectively. The production of glass consumes relatively less energy than plastic, as glass is 100% recyclable. The bottles we use are made from recycled glass. Moreover, glass consists only of natural materials—sand, soda, and limestone—so we do not further burden the environment. Finally, we appreciate the look and quality of glass: it’s crystal clear, sounds good, and feels pleasant in hand


We want you to enjoy our juices as quickly as possible. We deliver the vegetable juices and detox programs using freezer vehicles. In Germany, we deliver the vegetable juices on {…} days of the week. For the Wadden and Baltic Sea islands, we deliver with an additional charge and by arrangement. Order your juices on working days before 11:00 AM, and they will be delivered to your home on the next working day. On our checkout page, you can choose the day and time that suits you best. You can select a specific time window for delivery, so you don’t have to wait for your order all day. The evening before the delivery, you will receive an email with the delivery time, and on the day of delivery, you can track the delivery driver’s route in real-time. Convenient, isn’t it?