The Benefits of Organic Juice

At Justy we make 100% organic juice. This means that all our ingredients are certified organic. But why buy organic juice? Naturally, we are happy to explain. Discover the many advantages of drinking organic juice for you and the planet.


Before we take a brief look at the benefits of organic juice, let’s take a look at the meaning of ‘organic’. What can you expect from vegetables, fruit, herbs and spices that carry the ‘organic’ label? One of the most important properties of organic vegetables is that they do not contain any chemical pesticides. Certified organic vegetables, must have been grown without artificial fertilisers. Similarly, organic vegetables must not contain synthetic pesticides (pest control agents), herbicides (anti-vegetation agent) or fungicides (anti-fungal agents). But what does that mean for you?


Many studies have shown that various chemical pesticides are harmful to humans and the environment. They can put a chemical burden on your body and lead to complaints such as headaches and a weakened immune system. They have even been associated with an increased risk of various types of cancer. In addition to a mix of fruit and vegetables a non-organic vegetable juice might also contain a cocktail of synthetic pesticides. How the different pesticides affect each other and your health has not yet been sufficiently tested to be able to say that such combinations are safe. Some non-organic fruits and vegetables contain more pesticides than others. Types of vegetables and fruits that on average contain most pesticides include apples, cucumbers, celery, kale, pumpkin, strawberries and spinach. It is, therefore, better to eat them only in organic form. These are found in many of our organic juices.


Organic farmers naturally want to prevent their crops from being affected by pests or fungi. They are not allowed to use chemical pesticides. They do, however, often use natural pesticides if necessary. Instead of synthetic (man-made) fertilisers, they use natural manure and compost to promote the growth and health of their plants. They might also do this by investing in healthy soil and a combination or alternation of different crops. As a result, they grow more in harmony with the natural balance. This means that the vegetables and fruits from organic farmers often have a better colour, smell and taste.


The non-organic cultivation of fruit and vegetables is usually aimed at making as much profit as possible. Everything has to grow as big as possible as quickly as possible. Many organic farmers try to get the best out of the organic processes inherent to nature. They work with more patience and attention to their fruit and vegetables so that they can ripen at their own pace. You can see, smell and taste the results. The colour, smell and taste of organic fruit and vegetables are often much more intense. They often contain less water than non-organic fruit and vegetables. The taste is also better because no synthetic fertilisers are used; these weaken the taste. Organic fruit and vegetables are also often tastier because organic farmers move more with the seasons. That is why we consistently choose organic and seasonal fruit and vegetables for Justy.


Because the non-organic food industry is focused on profit, they often try to get as much as possible out of a small a piece of land, in as short a time frame as possible. As a result, the soil usually depletes quickly, because it does not have time to recover. Growing the same crop on a particular piece of land also contributes to the depletion of vitality and nutrients in the soil. The natural balance of the soil is often seriously disturbed by the use of chemical pesticides. As a result, the soil in which the crops have to grow is poor in nutrients and organisms, and contains a great deal of poison. Organic farmers take good care of the earth and everything that lives in it. Our 100% organic vegetable juices are therefore rich in nutrients such as minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Here you can read more about how we make the healthiest juice and also order our 100% organic juice cleanse.


In addition to being healthier and tastier, at Justy we find that organic fruit and vegetables have lots more advantages. In our view, organic farming is also better for people and the planet. Organic farmers are not constantly exposed to toxic pesticides. In developing countries, in particular, this is a major cause of health problems and even death among agricultural workers. What is more, organic fruit and vegetable cultivation does not release any chemicals into the soil, the air or water. More attention is paid to biodiversity than in non-organic agriculture, which is ultimately better for nature in general. Reason enough, then, to opt for organic!